[PyKDE] Do you have an archive?

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Fri Feb 13 11:09:01 GMT 2004

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 10:05:36PM -0800, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> >
> > Ya, but no search capabilities :(
> The mail-archive link *is* searchable (didn't know til I just 
> looked). From the mailing list homepage:
>     "There is an external searchable (!) archive at   
>      http://www.mail-archive.com/pykde%40mats.gmd.de as well"

Anyway, Jim. Even if there wasn't the external searchable archive,
googling for info appending "site:mats.imk.fraunhofer.de" would have the
very same effect.

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