[PyKDE] Panel Applet Problem

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Sep 19 03:47:01 BST 2003

On Wednesday September 17 2003 22:21, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> David Boddie and I have been exchanging msgs on panel applets
> and have come up against a problem. You can load multiple (as
> in

> >=2) panel applets during a KDE session without any problem.
> > If

> you shut down KDE with the (>=2) py-applets still active, when
> you restart KDE (or just restart kicker), the system will
> crash.

> Between us, we figured out it's probably a problem with the
> way kicker loads applets (if you start them manually they get
> their own pids, but if kicker starts them automatically they
> run under kicker's pid), and David has identified at least one
> possible fix. Unfortunately that involves hacking kicker.

> We'll both be looking at this some more to try and figure out
> a more reasonable fix, but in the meantime don't shutdown KDE
> with 2 pykpanelapplets running, or if you do, you'll have to
> delete all but 1 from kickerrc before restarting.

David and I have arrived at a somewhat more appealing fix:

1. In kickerrc (usually in /home/<user>/.kde/share/config), add 
the following under [General]:

    SecurityLevel = 0

This forces kicker to consider all applets as "untrustworthy" - 
it still loads them, but is uses 'appletproxy' to load them. 
That creates a separate process for each applet.

This basically does the same thing David suggested originally, 
but without hacking kicker.

2. If you want some applets (but not currently more than one 
Python based applet) to load internally to kicker, add:

    TrustedApplets =

Sorry, but I don't know the format. I would imagine it's a 
comma-delimited list of applet names, but I couldn't find any 
docs on what those might be.

I still think there's a better fix possible - probably involving 
modifications to the Python interpreter wrapper I added to 
PyKDE. I'll be looking into it over the next several weeks.


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