[PyKDE] Panel Applet Problem

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Sep 18 07:34:01 BST 2003

David Boddie and I have been exchanging msgs on panel applets and 
have come up against a problem. You can load multiple (as in 
>=2) panel applets during a KDE session without any problem. If 
you shut down KDE with the (>=2) py-applets still active, when 
you restart KDE (or just restart kicker), the system will crash.

Between us, we figured out it's probably a problem with the way 
kicker loads applets (if you start them manually they get their 
own pids, but if kicker starts them automatically they run under 
kicker's pid), and David has identified at least one possible 
fix. Unfortunately that involves hacking kicker.

We'll both be looking at this some more to try and figure out a 
more reasonable fix, but in the meantime don't shutdown KDE with 
2 pykpanelapplets running, or if you do, you'll have to delete 
all but 1 from kickerrc before restarting.


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