[PyKDE] QPushButton

Gordon Tyler gordon at doxxx.net
Tue Sep 2 19:33:01 BST 2003

GuineaPig wrote:
> I'm working with pyQt and I have a widget with 40 QPushButtons 
> (toggles).  On 'toggled()' the buttons emit a signal to a function.  In 
> this function I'd like to find out wich button was pressed.  I'm 
> thinking about iterating through all the buttons to check theirs state 
> but I can't seem to find how to do this in the docs.  Can someone point 
> me in the right direction ?  Should I handle this differently ?

You might want to try QSignalMapper: 

Code looks something like this (untested):

def initGUI(self):
     sigmap = QSignalMapper(self)

     pushButton1 = QPushButton("Button 1", self)
     self.connect(pushButton1, SIGNAL("toggled(bool)"), sigmap, 
     sigmap.setMapping(pushButton1, 1)

     pushButton2 = QPushButton("Button 2", self)
     self.connect(pushButton2, SIGNAL("toggled(bool)"), sigmap, 
     sigmap.setMapping(pushButton2, 2)

     self.connect(sigmap, SIGNAL("mapped(int)"), self.buttonPushed)

def buttonPushed(self, index):
     print "Button #%d pushed" % index

Unfortunately, it does look like the toggled signal's "bool on" 
parameter can't be carried through but since you'll know which 
QPushButton it is, you can easily check it's state.


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