[PyKDE] QPushButton

GuineaPig guineapig at pi.be
Tue Sep 2 12:34:01 BST 2003

Fredrik Juhlin wrote:

> Hi,
> GuineaPig wrote:
>> I'm working with pyQt and I have a widget with 40 QPushButtons 
>> (toggles). On 'toggled()' the buttons emit a signal to a function. In 
>> this function I'd like to find out wich button was pressed. I'm 
>> thinking about iterating through all the buttons to check theirs 
>> state but I can't seem to find how to do this in the docs. Can 
>> someone point me in the right direction ? Should I handle this 
>> differently ?
> You might want to look at QButtonGroup. If you add all your buttons to 
> a button group, you can listen to QButtonGroup.clicked()to find out 
> what button was clicked.
> If that doesn't work for you you'll probably have to subclass 
> QPushButton and create your own signal that supplies the button itself 
> to the slot.
> //Fredrik

Tnx, Fredrik,

I think the QButtonGroup-solution will do fine... One problem though... 
I've constructed the buttons in Qtdesigner and named them pushButton1 
--> pushButton40. Since all the buttons are similar I constructed them 
by cutting and pasting... Problem is now that the id's do not seem to 
match the order of the buttons. Is there a way to set the id of a button 
in a buttongroup. The only thing I find is that you can specify the id 
when you add buttons through QButtonGroup.insert(QButton button, int 




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