[PyKDE] Designer Plugin

Peter Osborne pete at bookware3000.ca
Wed Oct 1 18:17:00 BST 2003

Cool, how do I compile & install this?


On October 1, 2003 10:56 am, Roland Schulz wrote:
> Hey,
> I got the lib to write Designer Plugins in Python partly working. After
> compiling just copy the lib and the .py files to $QTDIR/plugins/designer.
> This is a very first alpha version, so don't be to surprised getting
> segfaults all the time. At least here it works without crashing ;-).
> There is one big problem left. The MetaObject doesn't seem to work
> correctly yet in PyQt objects. Calling the className method one gets the
> name of the inherited C++ class and not the name of the Python class. I
> guess this causes the problem, that the preview doesn't work. Also of
> course the properties don't work yet.
> regards
> Roland

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