[PyKDE] The Very Last SIP v4 Bug

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 20:02:01 GMT 2003

There has been a bug in SIP v4 that often manifests itself as an exception 
"underlying C/C++ object has been deleted". I have been able to trigger it by 
dragging the gun barrel around in tut14.py. I think that the bug reports on 
the list from Gerard, Torsten and Pete are manifestations of the same 
problem. I think the cause is writing NULL to a bad address.

The problem now is that I can no longer trigger the bug. It may be that I've 
fixed it by doing something else - but I'm not usually that lucky.

I'd appreciate it if those of you who have seen problems before try again with 
the current snapshots and let me know if anything has changed.


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