[PyKDE] PyKDE Components preliminary release

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Nov 18 09:22:00 GMT 2003

On Monday November 17 2003 20:18, David Boddie wrote:
> Jim's release of PyKDE 3.8 took me by surprise and I've been
> racing to catch up with this assortment of prototype
> components for PyKDE:
> http://www.boddie.org.uk/david/Projects/Python/KDE/index.html

> Documentation is currently minimal and is mainly found through
> the installer. The quality of the presentation is nowhere near
> as impressive as that of Jim's wabbit tool (PyKDE initiates,
> type "wabbit" at the command line!) but there should be enough
> there to indicate what each component does.

I hope people are reading the rest of the HTML docs in PyKDE/docs 

> At the command line, launch the installation tool from its
> parent directory by typing:

>     python config.py

> Those who get as far as installing the Wiki KPart
> (KParts/EmbedWiki) will find some unfinished documentation in
> the Docs subdirectory. I'm aiming to add to that, convert it
> to HTML and distribute it to each of the other components.
> Additions to the documentation could be useful, although I
> imagine that the bulk of those will result from documenting
> the code.

> Some of the other components probably have too narrow an
> appeal for inclusion in the general PyKDE package. The
> Spritefile processing ones are of interest to a couple of
> people (we get a kick out of seeing these things as
> thumbnails) but its rather tedious to expect people to install
> dependencies and locate appropriate files for a minority file
> format. Suggestions for alternative formats are welcome!

> Have fun experimenting and let me know what problems you
> encounter.

I'm happy to see this released and (as I told David a few weeks 
ago but haven't gotten around to it yet) am really looking 
forward to playing with some of this - especially the Wike 
KPart, which I think sounds brilliant.

David and I agreed (I think) to make this a separate project - my 
thought was to add it to PyKDE in contrib/ (and build separately 
- David writes good build scripts, too), but a standalone 
project is equally good (or maybe better).

Also coming in the (near?) future is Roland Schulz's plugins for 
enabling Python-developed widgets in QtDesigner and with 
QWidgetFactory. (Roland - I haven't forgotten the libpythonize 
problem, but I've been tied up on other stuff). I owe both David 
and Roland some testing and maybe some libpythonize fixing.

> P.S. Jim, PyKDE built first time! :-)



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