[PyKDE] PyKDE Components preliminary release

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Nov 18 05:19:02 GMT 2003

Jim's release of PyKDE 3.8 took me by surprise and I've been racing to
catch up with this assortment of prototype components for PyKDE:


Documentation is currently minimal and is mainly found through the
installer. The quality of the presentation is nowhere near as impressive
as that of Jim's wabbit tool (PyKDE initiates, type "wabbit" at the
command line!) but there should be enough there to indicate what each
component does.

At the command line, launch the installation tool from its parent
directory by typing:

    python config.py

Those who get as far as installing the Wiki KPart (KParts/EmbedWiki) will
find some unfinished documentation in the Docs subdirectory. I'm aiming
to add to that, convert it to HTML and distribute it to each of the other
components. Additions to the documentation could be useful, although I
imagine that the bulk of those will result from documenting the code.

Some of the other components probably have too narrow an appeal for
inclusion in the general PyKDE package. The Spritefile processing ones
are of interest to a couple of people (we get a kick out of seeing these
things as thumbnails) but its rather tedious to expect people to install
dependencies and locate appropriate files for a minority file format.
Suggestions for alternative formats are welcome!

Have fun experimenting and let me know what problems you encounter.


P.S. Jim, PyKDE built first time! :-)

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