[PyKDE] Packaging PyKDE-3.8.0

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Nov 6 21:22:00 GMT 2003

Just a brief note to packagers considering doing RPMs or Debian 
packages for PyKDE-3.8.0:

1. The doc viewer ("wabbit") is at PyKDE-3.8.0/docs/wabbit; the 
tarball installs a symlink in /usr/bin. It also needs to create 
a ".wabbit" directory in the user's home directory and install 
an rc file there. It expects to find its icon files (*.png) 
there too.

2. For panel applets (and other plugins) to work, a number of 
libs (libpythonize, libpykpanelapplet, libsip, some PyQt and 
PyKDE libs) need to be made accessible either via ld.so.conf or 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (SuSE, for one, no longer sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH), 
preferably by installing to a path that already exists in one of 
those places. 

For both 1 & 2, see the 'install' target in 
PyKDE-3.8.0/pykpanelapplet/Makefile. It's in that Makefile 
because that's the last one run during make and make install.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this stuff more easily would 
be appreciated - I don't claim any expertise in this.

You may also want to do a separate "doc" package - everything 
under doc/ should be included, and is completely independent of 
PyKDE (it will even run without PyKDE, as the the viewer is PyQt 
based). I wouldn't recommend generating the HTML class reference 
doc files for an RPM however.


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