[PyKDE] sip 3.5 debian packages

Rafael Darder Calvo yo at ranto.com.ar
Fri Jan 31 16:20:01 GMT 2003

	i keep on having troubles installing pyqt in debian. the sip packages for qt3 
on your repository are:
python2.1-sip-qt3 - Python/C++ Bindings Generator - Python2.1+Qt3 runtime
python2.2-sip-dev - Python/C++ Bindings Generator - Python2.2+Qt3 devel
python2.2-sip-qt3 - Python/C++ Bindings Generator - Python2.2+Qt3 runtime

all of these are version 3.4, but i couldnt find the python-sip version 3.5 
you uploaded recently, which is needed to install python2.2-qt3. i hope not 
to be interrupting your studies. Any comments?

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