[PyKDE] Qt & PyQt under IRIX

John Marshall John.Marshall at ec.gc.ca
Thu Jan 30 20:23:00 GMT 2003


I have an application which uses python and PyQt
and am having a nightmare trying to get it working
reliably under IRIX. I have tried many setups:

A) python 2.2.1 + qt-3.0.6 + sip-3.5 + PyQt-3.5
B) python 2.2.2 + qt-3.1.1 + sip-3.5 + PyQt-3.5
C) python 2.2.2 + qt-3.1.1(threads) + sip-3.5 + PyQt-3.5

Also, I have tried using the SGI compilers with and
without optimization and the gnu compilers. But,
there has been no improvement.

My application uses python threads for I/O and
select()/poll() calls with timeouts, and Qt for
the GUI. The interesting thing is that I can
provoke the problem by having:
from qt import *

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = QApplication(sys.args)

    while 1:
        ... do I/O ...

Note that I only call QApplication(); nothing else
from Qt is called. I have tested the I/O of my
application without Qt and it has worked for >30minutes
with transactions going constantly. When it fails (it
sleeps indefinitely), it takes under 8 minutes (varies). I
have tested the IRIX threads under Python generating >4000
of them without a problem.

My application has run for weeks under Linux without a
problem. So, I am wondering if anyone has had any problems
as I have described under IRIX.

If anyone knows, is there any timer/signal stuff going on
that Qt starts up even in QApplication that might be causing
my application to hang?


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