[PyKDE] pyqt-debian

ranto yo at ranto.com.ar
Mon Jan 20 15:29:00 GMT 2003

> The short story:  
>   Please, add a "sarge" (or "testing") repository to your sources.list  
>   and download PyQt this way:  
>     apt-get install python-qt3/testing  
>   or  
>     apt-get install python-qt3/sarge  
i get this message 
python-qt3: Depends: python2.2-qt3 (>= 3.5-1) but it is not going to be 
and that is not going to be instaled because: 
python2.2-qt3: Depends: python2.2-sip-qt3 (>= 3.5) but 3.4+20021205-1 
is to be installed 
so i keep on falling in the same problem 
i compiled sip correctly but after i compile pyqt and import qt from python, 
i get unresolved symbols. i followed the instructions in the readme file, but 
i keep on having unresolved symbols  
if you have any other suggestions, they are welcome. 

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