[PyKDE] Eric3 debugger

Surya Kiran Gullapalli skg at fluent.co.in
Fri Aug 29 06:09:00 BST 2003

I'm a newbie to eric3 debugger. I'm facing a problem in debugging. Let 
me explain my problem.
I'm using eric3.2 with python2.3, qt-3.2.0 and pyqt-3.7

I've a project, which spans over a number of files. so i've created a 
.e3p project file for eric3 debugging purposes.
when i load the project file, eric3 was not listing all the sources (i 
expect the eric3 to load all the source python files from .e3p file).

 i had to manually say, add python directory. even then, if i debug the 
main script, i expect the debugger to jump over to other file, when it 
encounters a function in a file different from the current one. thats 
not happening.

what could have been the reason. how can i overcome this difficulty


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