[PyKDE] Heirarchy of header files !!

Paul F. Kunz Paul_Kunz at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 15 03:28:01 BST 2003

>>>>> On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 21:10:51 -0400, "satish k.chimakurthi" <skchim0 at engr.uky.edu> said:

> Hi Phil, Thanks for your response.

> I have a huge software library written in C++...I have nearly 50
> headerfiles in it....I wrote a small code for my application using
> some classes which are defined in some of the header files

   Unless you need to interface to PyQt, I would recommend that you do
NOT use SIP.  SIP is completely undocumented and does some pretty
wierd things.  I'm probably biased just after spending three full days
trying to get something to work, but I find SIP violates one of C++'s
strenghts: "If it compiles and links, there's probably not going to be
any run time errors".  With SIP run time errors can easily happen and
it reminds me of days I used to program in Fortran.

   Try Boost.Python or SWIG.  I've used Boost.Python for the same C++
code that I've used with SIP.  In spite of the very difficult to
understand error messages when I mess up, at least when it compiles
and links, it almost always runs.

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