[PyKDE] PyKDE compiling error

Marc Lavallée odradek at videotron.ca
Tue Apr 8 11:25:01 BST 2003

Le mar 08/04/2003 à 01:04, Jim Bublitz a écrit :

> You need to rerun build.py for the change to take effect.

That did the trick.

A new problem, when I run the examples:

  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/kdefx.py", line 25, in ?
    from qt import QCommonStyle
ImportError: cannot import name QCommonStyle

I read something about this problem in the list archive, but there's no
suggestion on how to fix it. I disabled a few styles in qconfig.h in
order to compile PyQt, but that seems to break PyKDE. :-(


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