[PyKDE] ANN: new eric3 snapshot available

Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Mon Apr 7 19:42:00 BST 2003

Am Sonntag, 6. April 2003 23:20 schrieb Greg Fortune:
> On Sunday 06 April 2003 09:44 am, Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> > Hi Trolls,
> >
> > I have just uploaded a new snapshot of eric3 to the eric3 web site.
> > This snapshot features QScintillas auto-completion and calltips
> > functionality
> Is the auto-completion and calltips feature supposed to complete
> function names/member variables from classes or module level functions
> or provide argument hints for the functions?  The only thing that I'm
> seeing for completion are words that are used in the current file
> regardless of scope or usage.  Is that correct?
> Greg

In the autocompletion tab you can select the source for autocompletion 
(the document or from APIs). If you select to autocomplete from APIs but 
haven't setup any in the API tab it falls back to autocomplete from the 
current document.

To summarize the answer: Yes!

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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