[PyKDE] ANNOUNCING PyQwt-sip34_20020807

Marc Schmitt littlewisp at gmx.net
Thu Sep 19 00:51:01 BST 2002


I made a SuSE rpm and a general .src.rpm - and It confused me a bit - 
shouldn't PyQwt be a wrapper to the Qwt C++ libraries ? I've seen them within 
the .tar.bz2 but I didn't saw them compile - but the examples run anyway. 
Strange. I think someone else should test them before releasing them into the 

Another point is where to put them, any ideas ? I guess the PyKDE homepage 
isn't the right place, is it ? (Which leads me to the following question  : 
Is there something like a CPAN for Python (Common Perl Archive Network) or 
any other Super-All-Python-Modules-Available-Store ?)


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