[PyKDE] PyQT Mac OS X (Again)

David Bishop tech at bishop.dhs.org
Thu Sep 12 02:10:00 BST 2002

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> > Mac OSX 10.2, released late August.  Notable for updating the underlying
> > bsd layer to the latest FreeBSD 4.x line, shipping with quite a few more
> > open source tools (like python, ruby, and bash), and lots and lots of
> > performance enhancements and bug fixes.
> >
> > As you didn't know, I take that to mean you haven't tried it yet, in
> > which case, here I am! :-)  I'm currently in 1/2-time school,
> > more-than-full-time work, with 3 1/2 kids and 3 other OS projects I'm
> > working on (kmamerun, kde studio, and kpilot), so I don't have oodles and
> > oodles of extra time. However, if you give me step-by-step instructions
> > on how to test if pyqt works (is it a compile problem? runtime?), I
> > *will* get it done.
> It's a runtime problem - compilation is fine.
> I assume then that you are using the X11 version of Qt? In which case
> you can try the 3.4/GPL versions of sip and PyQt now.

Yes, well, actually I'm compiling Qt and KDE tonight (wiped for the install of 
10.2 as the compiler and libs all changed to 3.1 instead of 2.95).  So I will 
return and report within the next couple days.  In the meantime, Ivan might 
want to try as well, assuming he has access to Jaguar.

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