[PyKDE] How to do *INTERACTIVE* plotting with PyQt (or PyQwt)

Peter Lipa lipa at nsma.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 12 01:52:00 BST 2002

Thanks, Boudewijn, for your help and insight!
It looks like we converge to the one-and-only clean solution to run
a new command window from with a pyqt shell.

> Embedding one gui toolkit in 
> another is always
> frought with danger... And tricky. Still, you _cannot_ do 
> useful things with
> a plain python shell once you've started the QApplication's 
> exec_loop -- 
> that's a fact of life, so you _must_ approach the problem 
> from another angle.

That's exaclty what I've been trying to do - use the plain shell - and
Thanks for putting it in clear words. I think the embedding with MFC is not
a big problem since the MFC and python shell are very clearly separated (we
run a windows console with python inside the MFC GUI).

> >
> > Jonathan Gardner suggested using sockets for communication 
> between the
> > threads - something I haven't tried yet, but I doubt that 
> it would solve
> > the threading problem. However, I still have to think about 
> that some
> > more....
> I'd advise against that solution, also against any solution 
> that involves two 
> processes and redirected stdin/stdout as comm channel. Been 
> there, failed
> that.

Thanks for your insight here. I might have tried such an alternate approach
for a few days (or longer?). That saves me some valuable time.

I think we can mangage from here. 
Thanks a lot!

Peter Lipa
porl3141 at hotmail.com

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