[PyKDE] ANN: Debian packages now on official repository

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Wed Sep 11 21:33:00 BST 2002

Hi friends. I uploaded sip/PyQt packages to the Debian official repository,
and now you can get them from your nearest ftp.XX.debian.org. The version
you can download right now is 3.3.2. I uploaded sip 3.4 yesterday, and it
will hit the FTP this night. PyQt 3.4 will be there tomorrow, probably,
but I have an important exam tomorrow, so I can't promise :-).

I've uploaded Qt2 versions for the moment. Qt3 versions will be there
within a week (completely new packages take longer to enter, and Qt2-Qt3
are different _source_ packages in Debian).

PyKDE will follow in brief.

sip is compiled for the 11 architectures right now. PyQt is available for
i386, IBM s390, arm, ia64 and sparc. The other architectures are tagged as
'failed compilation' because sip packages were not in the archive in the
last compiling iteration of the build daemons, but I expect them to be
available for (at least) mips, alpha, powerpc and mipsel in a reasonable
time (tomorrow?). You can see the status of the different arches at:

I have a problem with HP/PA RISC. If someone is familiar to compilation
problems on that architecture, please follow the URL I provided in the
previous paragraph, and then click on "3.3.2-1 (hppa)", and then on any of
the compilation logs. There's a failure that reads:

 {standard input}: Assembler messages:
 {standard input}:30782: Error: Field out of range [-262144..262143] (3607744).
 {standard input}:30832: Error: Field out of range [-262144..262143] (3607900).
 {standard input}:30882: Error: Field out of range [-262144..262143] (3608056).

Anybody knows what's the problem here? Should I decrease the optimization
level? (-O2 right now, as per default). Google hasn't been helpful with
this problem for the moment. I'll continue searching. I'll appreciate any
help on this :-)


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