[PyKDE] I Wish To Register A Complaint

John R. Marshall john at jrmstudios.com
Thu May 9 12:17:00 BST 2002

On Wednesday 08 May 2002 06:52 pm, Phil Thompson wrote:

> So, why don't users want to test pre-releases and release candidates?

Speaking for myself there are 2 reasons.

1 PyQt takes forever to compile on my old puter (8+ hours)
2 I'm a newbie programmer comming from a web/PHP background.

> I'd like some feedback on this problem - what would motivate you as a
> user to test a beta version with your application?

Is there a way to run a stable release alongside a beta version? I'm learning 
so I don't want to stress my mind figuring out if a problem is my fault or a 
bug. :-)

> Over the next few weeks I intend to switch off CVS access and provide
> daily snapshot source packages instead. Maybe if my initial reaction to
> bug reports was then "have you tried the latest snapshot"?

How would switching off CVS help? I would think the faster downloads from CVS 
would help?

I'd be happy to submit bug reports if you don't mind any bugs that are my 
fault. :-)


Thanks Phill for working on PyQt. I got my first program 
(http://pyfretcalc.sourceforge.net) working great using it :-) and while I'm 
at it... Thanks to Boudewijn for writing such a great book.

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