Solved [Re: [PyKDE] QPEApplication.setStylusOperation() woes]

Michael Lauer mickey at
Fri Dec 13 16:09:01 GMT 2002

Quoting my own message from 2002-08-29:
> Dear fellow PyQt'ers...
> did anyone have luck using QPEApplication.setStylusOperation(
> QPEApplication.RightOnHold)? It simply doesn't work for me:
> no right press event is emitted when it should be.
> I'm currently patching a to print out some debug information,
> maybe someone else can also shed some light onto this situation?

Apparantly it has been a problem with timerEvent() in QPEApplication 
which was commented out in PyQt 3.4 (a fact I only recently stumbled
over when I was diff'in 3.4 and 3.5 :-)

As a workaround I wrote the complete stylus handling in python -- which
worked fine. However, this is no longer necessary, because
setStylusOperation (aka the timerEvent() in QPEApplication) finally
works in PyQt 3.5.

I don't know if you explicitly looked into this, Phil, but I'm glad that
it is functional now :)



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