[PyKDE] License + new release soon? :$

Kaleb Pederson kibab at icehouse.net
Sat Dec 7 00:45:01 GMT 2002

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As a note, I would love to see that done as well, or at least an option that 
can be specified on the command line.  I'm a gentoo user and would like to 
see that.

Of course, you can just get around it by doing a simple:

$ echo "yes" | python build.py <config options>

But it is better not to.

Bart, do you have any interesting in building ebuilds for the snapshots?  As I 
do most of my development using PyQt, I have had to build my own for the 
snapshots.  Are these of any interest to you? Also, now that eric is a 
distinct package, I presume we will see an ebuild for it here upon the next 
release?  I'll willing to help in these areas.

- --Kaleb

On Friday 06 December 2002 03:23 pm, Bart Verwilst wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm the packager of pyQT + sip for Gentoo Linux.
> Could it be possible to abandon the use of explicitly having the user type
> "yes" before starting the install? Since Portage rules are not to allow
> user input during the install process, it would be much nicer just to have
> build.py list something like "By installing this, you automatically accept
> our license." Or something like it was before... I hope you take this into
> consideration...
> And also, when is a new release due? So we can release Gentoo 1.4 with full
> and working pyQT support for QT 3.1.
> Thanks in advance!
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