[PyKDE] Has anyone successfully compiled PyQt bindings for Windows?

Doug Bell dougbell at mnsinc.com
Fri Jun 29 00:58:55 BST 2001

Simon Cusack wrote:
> Erik Weber: wrote
> >>Dear list, If anyone has actually successfully
> >>compiled the PyQt bindings for
> >>Windows,
> >>please respond ASAP.  If these bindings will not
> >>work, I will need to
> >>make a
> >>new plan quick!
> Yes I have, I have used Borland C++ builder, had to
> muck around with the makefiles and stuff to get it to
> work.  I sent Phil the stuff and he said it would be
> in the next release.  I haven't had time to check the
> 2.5pre yet so can't say if it is in there or not.
> I have had great success with the windows compilation
> are you interested in compiling it or should I put my
> dll's on the web somewhere for you to grab?
> Regards, Simon Cusack <sim at bluevolt.com>

I can't answer for Erik, but I would really appreciate being able to
download the dll's.  Unless posting details on the mucked around
"makefiles and stuff" would be easier than it sounds...


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