[PyKDE] Has anyone successfully compiled PyQt bindings for Windows?

Simon Cusack simcusack at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 23:59:20 BST 2001

Erik Weber: wrote
>>Dear list, If anyone has actually successfully
>>compiled the PyQt bindings for
>>please respond ASAP.  If these bindings will not
>>work, I will need to
>>make a
>>new plan quick!

Yes I have, I have used Borland C++ builder, had to
muck around with the makefiles and stuff to get it to
work.  I sent Phil the stuff and he said it would be
in the next release.  I haven't had time to check the
2.5pre yet so can't say if it is in there or not.

I have had great success with the windows compilation
are you interested in compiling it or should I put my
dll's on the web somewhere for you to grab?

Regards, Simon Cusack <sim at bluevolt.com>

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