[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: BlackAdder for Python/Qt Development

Henning Schroeder ich at henning-schroeder.de
Thu Jan 11 02:28:24 GMT 2001

Hi Phil!

> Q3. How will BlackAdder be shipped?
> Both CD-ROM and download, whichever is convenient to you. The Windows
> component of BlackAdder is likely to be around 20M.
What about *printed* manuals? 

> Q4. Is there a demo version?
> Not at the moment. We are open to suggestions as to what functionality a
> demo version might include so that you can evaluate it properly without
> jeopardizing our revenues.
I only want a demo for testing. So some limitations (lines of code, numbers of
widgets, time to use, etc) are ok. But from the screenshots nobody can guess
how good everything is integerated and how useable/userfriendly it is.

Mainly I am interested in the editor. It should behave like python-mode in
emacs (indention, paren higlighting, key bindings). This will be important
for a lot of serious developers. Besides I would like to see
auto-completition and a simple class-browser (like speedbar in emacs).
And please say that you are not using the kwrite widget. This one is
really bad.

My best wishes that you make a lot of money with BlackAdder if it's as good
as it looks ;-)


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