[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: BlackAdder for Python/Qt Development

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 10 20:45:33 GMT 2001

As promised, the details of the BlackAdder announcement. I've added a
simple FAQ at the end.

Feedback (and cheques) welcome.


theKompany.com is pleased to announce the release of its Windows/Linux
GUI development environment for Python, BlackAdder.  BlackAdder combines
a visual design environment with debugging, syntax highlighting, ODBC
interfaces and extensive HTML documentation into a comprehensive
platform for developing Python applications.
We worked with Trolltech, the creators of the Qt windowing toolkit on
which BlackAdder is based on and eGenix, creators of the multi-platform
ODBC interfaces for Python known as mxODBC, and were able to derive a
license arrangement to bring the most power and flexibility to
What is especially exciting that BlackAdder not only runs on Linux and
Windows, it generates applications that will run on either system as
well. This protects your investment in development by enabling you to
develop and deploy your applications almost anywhere. Unlike similar
products, BlackAdder includes all the elements needed for developing
complete applications and the rights to re-distribute the necessary
run-time elements, highlights of the BlackAdder are:
- An IDE that organizes your Python scripts and GUI designs into easy to
manage projects.
- An editor that includes highlighting of Python keywords and code
- An interactive Python interpreter (v2.0) that allows you to execute
any Python commands while your application is running.
- The Qt GUI toolkit (v2.2.3) from Trolltech.
- A GUI designer with all the features of Qt Designer from Trolltech
that generates Python code.
- A debugger that supports single stepping and breakpoints.
- ODBC database connectivity (using mxODBC v2.0 from eGenix).
- Over 50Mbytes of HTML documentation.

BlackAdder is available in two editions, "Personal" aimed more at the
home hobbyist and "Business", both editions produce the same high
quality, professional applications the only restriction is the ability
to create proprietary applications for resell.  The pricing and
differences are described below, note the special discount pricing
during the initial beta period:
BlackAdder Personal Edition
- Python
- PyQt
- Qt
- Comprehensive HTML documentation
- mxODBC (ODBC for Python)
- IDE (including GUI designer, editor and debugger)
- 20% discount voucher for any book from O'Reilly
License: For personal home use only, not allowed to re-distribute Qt or
Cost: $79.99 ($49.99 if purchased during the Beta period).
Support: Informal mailing list.
Updates: $59.99 per year for up to 4 updates per year ($39.99 during the
Beta period)
BlackAdder Business Edition
Includes: Same as the Personal Edition.
License: For commercial use. Those BlackAdder components needed to
provide a run-time environment (ie. Python, PyQt, Qt) may be
re-distributed at no extra cost. One mxODBC license is included in the
purchase price, valid mxODBC licenses must be obtained for any
additional installations of generated software using the mxODBC
Cost: $399.99 ($249.99 if purchased during the Beta period).
Support: First month of support is included, extended support contracts
available on the web site.
Updates: $299.99 per year for up to 4 updates per year ($199.99 during
the Beta period)

Q1. When will the Beta version be available?
Hopefully within a couple of weeks.

Q2. How long will the Beta period last?
Difficult to say - hopefully no more than a couple of months. Although
BlackAdder includes a lot of functionality, a lot of it (ie. Python,
SIP, PyQt and Qt) is mature. It is really only the IDE and the
documentation that will be further refined during the Beta period.

Q3. How will BlackAdder be shipped?
Both CD-ROM and download, whichever is convenient to you. The Windows
component of BlackAdder is likely to be around 20M.

Q4. Is there a demo version?
Not at the moment. We are open to suggestions as to what functionality a
demo version might include so that you can evaluate it properly without
jeopardizing our revenues.

Q5. How will this affect PyQt?
There are no plans to change the PyQt license. You can continue to use
it today as you used it yesterday. BlackAdder gives you the following
extras: an IDE, Python specific Qt documentation, a Qt license for
Windows, the right to re-distribute run-time components (Business
Edition only and excluding mxODBC), and optional formal support
(Business Edition only).

Q6. How will this affect Eric the debugger?
I will not be developing Eric further. I will accept patches and will
continue to distribute it with PyQt.

Q7. How will this affect the Windows binary version of PyQt?
I will not be releasing any more Windows binary versions of PyQt that
have the Qt DLLs bundled in.

Q8. Will source code be available?
No, other than the source code that is already available under the
various licenses. The BlackAdder package itself will not include any
source code.

Q9. But Qt Designer is GPL'ed, so shouldn't the IDE also be GPL'ed?
We have licensed a non-GPL'ed version of Qt Designer from Trolltech.

Q10. What about the existing PyQt mailing list?
That also continues as it is today. Purchasers of BlackAdder will be
able to subscribe to a separate mailing list. The reason for the second
mailing list is simply so that we don't appear to be abusing the
established PyQt list for commercial purposes. I will provide support on
both mailing lists on a best endeavor's basis. Purchasers of support for
the Business Edition will be given a separate mechanism for obtaining
email support. Obviously, those users get priority.

Q11. I want to use BlackAdder at work, but for internal use only. Do I
have to buy the Business Edition?
Yes. The Personal Edition is for home use only.

Q12. Do I have to use the version of Python included in BlackAdder?
No. Python is included only as a convenience for those people who don't
already have it. There is nothing special about the version of Python

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