[PyKDE] Using some ISO-8859-1 characters with PyQt

dan dan at eevolved.com
Wed Dec 20 01:29:12 GMT 2000

On December 19, 2000 07:20 pm, you wrote:
> Thanks Dan!
>    I got it working partly, by doing:
> 	mystring=eval(repr(QString("åäö")))
>    atleast so that I could use some functions that seem to work with it.
>    I still can't use "print" which still complains the same error message.
>    I guess there has to be some other way of doing this.
did you try this?

qstr = QString("åäö")  # unicode qstring
print `qstr` # note the backquotes
ustr = unicode(`qstr`, 'utf-8') # python unicode
print ustr # python knows how to print it's own unicode
print ustr.encode('ISO-8859-1') # swedish charset

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