Invalid constructor for QDeadline in PyQt5

Phil Thompson phil at
Sun May 21 13:28:43 BST 2023

On 18/05/2023 14:30, Maurizio Berti wrote:
> I've never used QDeadline, but after seeing a related SO post (
> ) it seems like there is 
> (or
> was) a bug in the QDeadline constructor that only happens in PyQt5 but 
> not
> in PyQt6 (nor in PySide2, for what's worth).
> I admit I don't have the latest PyQt5 build, but at list until PyQt 
> 5.15.4
> it looks like the basic int constructor doesn't use the argument for 
> the
> duration, but for the timer type.
> If it was fixed, from what version?

Fixed in the next snapshot.


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