sip-build error: NoDerived is not a valid function annotation

Konstantin Kholostov kholostov at
Fri May 5 11:29:17 BST 2023

Dear all,

I'm migrating the code which was buildable with sip4 to sip6.
I'm running

kk at mac python % sip-build

Querying qmake about your Qt installation...

These bindings will be built: qti.

Generating the qti bindings...

sip-build: ../qtisas/python/sip/qti/qtimod.sip: line 2336: column 26:
NoDerived is not a valid function annotation

The error happens here. I checked the docs and looks like the function
annotation NoDerived is still present. NoDerived annotation appears 101
times in the file and this piece is the first occurrence.
Folder *activeFolder() /NoDerived/;
sipRes = sipCpp->current_folder;

The corresponding pyproject.toml:
requires = ["sip >=6, <7", "PyQt-builder >=1.6, <2"]
build-backend = "sipbuild.api"

name = "qti"
requires-dist = "PyQt5 (>=5.15)"

project-factory = "pyqtbuild:PyQtProject"

The system I'm trying to build things on is mac with m1 processor.
Python3, PyQt5, PyQt-builder and sip are installed from brew.

Could you please guide me with some info on how to proceed with this error?

Kind regards,
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