Debugging PyQt5 module [RESOLVED]

Philippe Fremy phil at
Sat May 29 10:49:33 BST 2021

As the former maintainer of winpdb, I recommend against it nowdays. The
port to the python 3 version of WxWidget has introduced changes and bugs
which I have been unable to understand nor fixed. The heavy use of
threads certainly does not help to understand the whole structure.

As stated on the main page, it is work in progress but I could as well
state that it is abandoned. Winpdb was a good Python 2 debugger at its
time but it did not make it to Python 3. There are good Python 3
debuggers today, Eric being one of them. You better look into this
direction than waste your energy understanding why the debugger is not
working, instead of why your program is not working.



Le 27/05/2021 à 20:13, Rich Shepard a écrit :
> On Thu, 27 May 2021, Rich Shepard wrote:
>> How do I debug (as distinct from a unittest) a PyQt5 application?
> I'll use winpdb-reborn- for python 3.
> Rich

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