mypy complains that QAbstractItemModel.modelReset is a function, not a signal

Anton Yablokov stsav012 at
Sun May 16 10:58:03 BST 2021

Dear developers,

I'm not sure whether it's right to address you about the issue but anyway.

I have the following class:
class DataModel(QAbstractTableModel):
    def __init__(self, parent: Optional[QObject]) -> None:
        self._data: np.ndarray = np.empty((0, 0))
        self._header: List[str] = []

    def rowCount(self, parent: Optional[QModelIndex] = None, *,
available_count: bool = False) -> int:
        if available_count:
            return self._data.shape[0]
        return min(self._data.shape[0], self._rows_loaded)

    def columnCount(self, parent: Optional[QModelIndex] = None) -> int:
        return self._data.shape[1]

    def data(self, index: QModelIndex, role: int = Qt.DisplayRole) ->
        if index.isValid() and role == Qt.DisplayRole:
            return repr(self._data[row_index, column_index])
        return None

    def headerData(self, col: int, orientation: Qt.Orientation, role: int =
Qt.DisplayRole) -> Optional[str]:
        if orientation == Qt.Horizontal and role == Qt.DisplayRole and 0 <=
col < len(self._header):
            return self._header[col]
        return None

    def setHeaderData(self, section: int, orientation: Qt.Orientation,
value: str, role: int = Qt.DisplayRole) -> bool:
        if orientation == Qt.Horizontal and role == Qt.DisplayRole and 0 <=
section < len(self._header):
            self._header[section] = value
            return True
        return False

So, I create
model = DataModel()
Then I connect its signal to a slot:
model.modelReset.connect(lambda: print('modelReset'))

And that's where mypy sees an error:
error: "Callable[[], None]" has no attribute "connect"

Apparently, it's the matter of a stub, for the code works just fine.

It's merely an issue, for mypy can be told to ignore it.


Best regards,
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