PyQt6 Missing Layout Size Constraint Flags

Elguavas elguavas at
Sat May 15 01:01:15 BST 2021

On 14/5/21 9:16 pm, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On 13/05/2021 04:27, Elguavas wrote:
>> hi there, just converting some pyqt5 code to pyqt6, so far so good, but:
>> self.layout.setSizeConstraint(QLayout.SetFixedSize)
>> fails becuse there is no flag in QLayout called SetFixedSize. neither
>> do the other size constraint flags seem to be available.
>> i've tried looking for one of those QLayout.SOMETHING_FLAGS.whatever
>> constants in QLayout, that pyqt6 now seems to be using, but i can't
>> find any way to get the needed flag value constants.
>> what am i missing here?

ah yes i read that at the end of a long day and just saw that the flags 
should still be there, missing that they are now part of that enum.

just to confirm:


works as expected.

sorry for the static on the list. ;)

> Phil

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