how to get SIP ABI version PyQt is built with?

Kovid Goyal kovid at
Thu May 13 04:22:04 BST 2021

Some Linux distros, for instance, Arch Linux, have PyQt packages built
with a version of SIP different from the version of SIP they ship. This
is a distro bug, but given it is so easy to do, its likely to crop up in 
the future as well.

When building third party extension modules for PyQt on such a distro,
the resulting modules are not importable since the SIP ABI version
mismatches. I currently workaround this in the calibre build system
by getting the sip-abi-version PyQt was built against and adding that to
pyproject.toml (which is dynamically generated by the calibre build
system). See this commit:

However the code to get the sip-abi-version is pretty fragile. It tries
to find the QtCore.toml file on the filesystem and get it from there.
It would be nice if there was some more well defined/robust way to do
this, either by having it as a constant like PYQT_VERSION_STR on QtCore,
or some other mechanism. Maybe there is already such a mechanism, but I
cant find it.

For instance have the this information in a txt or toml file in
the PyQt5 root directory, then it can be queried using

Failing that is there at least some "official" way to query the path
to the bindings directory?


Dr. Kovid Goyal

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