QDateEntry: setting current date as mimimum

Maurizio Berti maurizio.berti at gmail.com
Wed May 5 20:02:58 BST 2021

Il giorno mer 5 mag 2021 alle ore 20:21 Florian Bruhin <me at the-compiler.org>
ha scritto:

> Maurizio,
> Clearly Rich did run the code and show the error. Since it is a
> SyntaxError, he probably wasn't aware of the other issues with his code
> at this point.

I admit I don't run the latest python, but the attached code would surely
throw an exception both for the QLable *and* the QDateEntry constructors,
since they don't exist.

> He did try to understand the error - he mentioned that he didn't
> understand what it means in this context. This is a real problem
> (*especially* with syntax errors), and something which is getting
> significantly improved with Python 3.10 (though with no changes in this
> specific case):
> https://docs.python.org/3.10/whatsnew/3.10.html#better-error-messages
> Since he was stuck, and believed the error to be PyQt-specific, he asked
> here. It turned out not to be PyQt-specific, but if you have no idea
> what an error means exactly, it's easy to get lost.
> To be blunt as well: The original post will (hopefully) have a positive
> outcome (someone learned something new, and maybe someone else will at
> some point make the same mistake and find the thread!).
Your reply, on the other hand, really isn't helpful at all...
> Please show some compassion towards people new to
> programming, or to Python/PyQt.

I completely agree on the "conceptual" point here. In one way or the other,
a solution would probably be provided or found.
But that wasn't my point.
This isn't a python/programming mailing list, it's mostly aimed at
*specific* PyQt issues, and I've seen that in the last weeks there has been
an increased amount of questions regarding more general aspects. While I've
contributed to them too, I'm afraid that the result will make people think
that this ML is a place where you can just ask more generalized questions
about PyQt programming that are actually *not really* PyQt related.

What I'm fearing is that this could become a "ask anything just because I'm
writing a PyQt program" list, and I really doubt that's the purpose of this
But, as said, there's no explicit mention about this, so I might just be
too strict about this point, and I realize that there's a "gray area" in
which one could really decide if a question is fit for this list or not. I
specified that I knew I was being a bit blunt about it (I know it's mostly
related to the kind of question I see outside this list, mostly on SO, and
some of them are just annoying for their nature - not because of
"ignorance", but due to lack of proper programming education).

There are bugs/issues that "silently hide" problems not strictly related to
PyQt? Absolutely yes. We all know that there are differences between PyQt
and "actual" Qt syntax/arguments/returned values, and sometimes you can
face issues that then you realize are due to python *or* the binding (the
gray area above).

I clearly have nothing against Rich (as said, I'm sorry for being that
blunt, that wasn't specifically "against" you, Rich, and I hope you get
that), and I'm not saying anybody shouldn't ever post such questions. The
point is that, for the general aim of this mailing list ("This list is used
to discuss PyQt, the Python bindings for Qt and related add-ons.") we
should also try to keep its content to matters that are strictly PyQt
related. If that message was a "one-off" that wouldn't have been a problem
at all, but within the context of the last weeks' messages I felt it was
important to mark this aspect, even if I knew I was saying something that
could look a bit harsh. The fact that there also were two clear typos
probably made it the proverbial straw to me: without further context I
cannot know if that's just a normal typo, superficiality, insufficient
knowledge or whatnot. I just saw another not-really-PyQt-related-question,
and I'm not interested in them as much (as I strongly believe) many others
that subscribed to this list.

So, if you, Rich, got offended in any way, again, I'm sorry, that wasn't
meant to you directly. And that's for anybody else too.
I hope I made my point clear; I'm not against any non-strictly-PyQt post
here, I'm not the maintainer and I don't want to be pointed out as some
sort of "annoying guardian", I'd just prefer to avoid making it a noisy
place that, at some point, makes it annoying to follow it.

È difficile avere una convinzione precisa quando si parla delle ragioni del
cuore. - "Sostiene Pereira", Antonio Tabucchi
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