QTabWidget: first tab's text not displaying

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Sat May 1 16:13:29 BST 2021

Il giorno sab 1 mag 2021 alle ore 14:00 Rich Shepard <
rshepard at appl-ecosys.com> ha scritto:

> > Sorry, I don't understand. If you *do* allow movable tabs, do you see the
> > title on the dragged tab while moving?
> The user cannot change the order or posiion of the tabs.

I know that, but that wasn't what I asked. The question is **IF** you set
them movable, does the title appear in the dragged tab? That's an answer
that is important to know in order to identify the source of the issue, it
doesn't matter if you don't use that specific feature. The drag movement of
QTabBar is a bit peculiar, as it creates a "ghost" tab object, and knowing
if it *does* (or doesn't) behave in the same way can be useful to
understand the problem, as the result of that could be another symptom or
can reduce the range of possible reasons.
Such inconsistencies should not happen for standard widgets, and even if
you found a way to work around it, there could be someone else that faces a
similar problem and is not satisfied with style changes. Consider that it
could even be a bug, and we might be interested in knowing about it, even
if it's trivial.

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