PyQt6 and SIP v6 Snapshots Available

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue Oct 27 17:30:40 GMT 2020

On 27/10/2020 17:08, Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> now that pylupdate6 supports reading of .ui files I looked at the code
> again and got a question. Will pylupdate6 keep obsolete translations
> in the .ts file or will it throw them away. Optimally there will be a
> command line switch allowing it to keep obsolete translations or
> delete them (like the pylupdate5 -noobsolete). Obsolete, untranslated
> messages should always be deleted (like pylupdate5 does it).

At the moment it doesn't throw anything away because an existing .ts is 
updated rather than re-created.

As a monoglot, I've never used pylupdate so I don't have an 
understanding of how it is really used. Let me know the specific 
behaviour you want and I'll implement it.

> Will pylupdate6 eventually contain some heuristics like pylupdate5 to
> already provide translations for identical strings but different
> contexts?

So when it sees a string in a new context it automatically gives it an 
existing translation it if finds one?

> It would be great as well, if pylupdate6 would give a summary when
> done like pylupdate5 (e.g. total no. of messages, no. of new messages,
> no. of already translated messages, no. of messages provided by
> heuristic, no. of obsolete messages).

Ok - when used with the --verbose flag.


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