Is there a way to create an "actual" Qt property in PyQt?

Ales Erjavec ales.erjavec324 at
Thu Oct 22 22:12:45 BST 2020

> ...
> Note that I don't really care for some further lines in the class
> definition/constructor; what I'd really prefer is to always have a
> consistent way to access properties if they *also are* Qt properties.

A while ago I had a similar thought of subverting the property 
descriptor protocol:

class Q_Property(pyqtProperty):
     A property descriptor that more closely resembles the
     Q_PROPERTY macro.

     Encourage a coding style which is consistent with Qt.

     >>> class Foo(QObject):
     ...     _bar = 0
     ...     def bar(self):
     ...         return self._bar
     ...     def setBar(self, bar):
     ...         self._bar = bar
     ...     bar = Q_Property(int, fget=bar, fset=setBar)

     >>> obj = Foo()
     >>> obj.setBar(2)
     >>> obj.setProperty("bar", 42)
     def __get__(self, obj, cls=None):
         # Simply return the contained (bound) fget method
         return self.fget.__get__(obj, cls)

     def __set__(self, obj, value):
         raise TypeError

     # these do not work
     def setter(self, f):
         raise RuntimeError

     def getter(self, f):
         raise RuntimeError

But have not actually used it anywhere. Usually I just
use the convention of adding a underscore suffix to the
property member i.e.

bar_  = pyqtProperty(int, fget=bar, fset=setBar)

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