Patch for pyqtdeploy python component

Patrick Stinson patrickkidd at
Mon Oct 12 23:06:48 BST 2020


The following fix removes the ctypes dependency from Python:uuid for iOS, because types obviously is not included for iOS.

    'uuid': (
        PythonModule(max_version=(3, 6),
                deps=('hashlib', 'os', 'random', 're', 'shutil', 'socket',
                        'subprocess', 'time')),
        PythonModule(min_version=(3, 7),
                deps=('linux|macos|win#ctypes', 'enum', 'hashlib', 'os', 'random', 'shutil',
                        'socket', 'subprocess', 'time', 'ios|macos#_uuid',

By the way, what is the best way to submit patches? Keep doing this?


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