pyqtdeploy: Correct entry point naming?

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Oct 12 09:02:32 BST 2020

On 11/10/2020 22:40, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> Ah, so the pdt file should go into the app package dir and not the 
> project root.

It goes wherever you want to put it. I wouldn't put it in with your 
application code.

> I used the snapshot tarball currently posted on your website.

...which doesn't include the fixes. The new snapshot does.

The date of the snapshot is part of the snapshot name (YYMMDDhhmm). Or 
you could look at the ChangeLog.

> It isn’t
> immediately apparent how to use mercurial with knowledge of fit or
> svn. Let me know the ideal way to do this now and in the future.

Follow the link to the repository page from the pyqtdeploy download page 
and then click on one of the 'zip', 'gz' or 'bz2' links.


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