pyqtdeploy: Using PythonModule

Patrick Stinson patrickkidd at
Thu Oct 1 01:43:44 BST 2020

Here is the component code, which really just provides a module name and minimum version number. I am using python-3.7.8.

from pyqtdeploy import Component, PythonModule

class SixComponent(Component):

    preinstalls = [ 'Python' ]
    provides = { 'six': PythonModule(min_version=(3, 7)) }

    def get_archive_name(self):
        return ''

    def install(self):

> On Sep 30, 2020, at 4:42 PM, Patrick Stinson <patrickkidd at> wrote:
> My pyqtdeploy sysroot is successfully finding the following component plugin for the third-party python module ‘’. The module is checked in the “Other Packages” tab in the pyqtdeploy project. But I get an import error when importing it from my app code saying the module ‘six’ doesn’t exist. How does pyqtdeploy find the .py file for a PythonModule `provides` entry in a sysroot?

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