Error when installing PyQt6 from source

RedHuli redhuli.comments at
Wed Dec 23 00:34:15 GMT 2020

UPDATE: So I solved the problem (after getting some rest).

I am now able to run sip-install using qmake from Qt 6. After the
running building, I am able to open the Python shell and import PyQt6.
However, none of the modules appeared to have been installed. When I run
help(PyQt6), it only shows the following:

Help on package PyQt6:







Only sip has been built. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 7:06 AM RedHuli <redhuli.comments at> wrote:

> Hey,
> Sorry to bother with another question.
> > Correct - it either needs to be in your $PATH, or you'll need to specify
> > it via --qmake.
> After installing Qt, I get a new error after locating qmake and trying to
> build PyQt:
> $ sip-install --qmake /Users/___/Qt/5.15.2/clang_64/bin/qmake
> Querying qmake about your Qt installation...
> sip-install: Qt v6 is required, not v5.15.2
> Somehow everytime I try to download Qt 6 from the Qt website I
> automatically get version 5.15.2. I am not sure why that is? This may seem
> silly, but I have already downloaded Qt twice with the same error. Is it
> because I am trying to download open source and not the commercial version?
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 6:03 PM Florian Bruhin <me at>
> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> (I re-added the mailinglist in my reply)
>> On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 07:58:48AM +0800, RedHuli wrote:
>> > Once I have completed downloading Qt (I am doing that now), I will then
>> > need to locate the qmake file and specify it, the working qmake, when
>> > running sip-install. Is that correct?
>> Correct - it either needs to be in your $PATH, or you'll need to specify
>> it via --qmake.
>> Florian
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