[PyQt] Availability of Older Versions

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Tue Mar 26 17:00:22 GMT 2019

On 26/03/2019 14:52, Dark Penguin wrote:
>> It's easy enough to add older older versions - but I'd need a 
>> convincing argument to do so.
> I would say the obvious arguments are:
> - "Just in case" if someone needs it for some corner case
> - Especially considering that older Python support is about to be
> dropped. There may be more "corner cases", maybe "not recommended and
> not supported", but easily solvable by simply not deleting old sources.
> I understand and agree that those are not very "convincing", however I
> would consider the opposite: is there any reason to delete the old
> sources?.. Any reason that would overweight those obvious arguments, so
> "to encourage people to use the latest version" does not count.

You have misunderstood. I haven’t removed anything from the website, 
only added some old versions - but not all of them. I will not remove 
anything in the future.

> I would suggest removing them from the website to keep the website
> "clean" and to encourage people to use the latest version, but keeping
> them somewhere else, with a small link on the website - "Very old
> versions (do not use!)".
> ** UPDATE**
> Oh, I see that the sources are available on Github, with tags for all
> the old versions. Then there is no need to keep the archives, but it
> would make sense to add a link to the Github page.

Any Github page is nothing to do with me.


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