[PyQt] PyQt5 and Spyder 3.3.2 Conflict, Beautiful Soup, <An error occurred while starting the kernel>

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Sun Mar 24 01:58:40 GMT 2019

Have you verified in those cases that the app exit is being called?  If you fail out because of an exception it won't be.  I would really manage the app outside your class.  (Does Qt really force you to inherit here?). Then you can try/finally to make sure it gets exited even after a python exception.  Or even make yourself a context manager.


On March 23, 2019 9:28:13 PM EDT, Gene Ensor <g_ensor at hotmail.com> wrote:
>I believe I have the following problem:
>"The most common problem when running a PyQt multiple times inside
>Spyder is that a QApplication instance remains in the namespace of the
>IPython console kernel after the first run. In other words, when you
>try to re-run your application, you already have a QApplication
>instance initialized."
>Hence when ran a second time I get "An error occurred while starting
>the kernel".  However I am not skilled enough to update the below code
>to behave correctly my environment.
>Anaconda "Python 3.7.1 64-bit | Qt 5.9.6 | PyQt5 5.9.2 | Windows 10 |
>Spyder 3.3.2
>Can you assist?  Thanks!
>import sys
>from PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets import QWebEnginePage
>from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication, QDialog
>from PyQt5.QtCore import QUrl, QCoreApplication
>import bs4 as bs
>import urllib.request
>class Page(QWebEnginePage):
>    def __init__(self, url):
>#       PyQt5 has the "minimal" platform plugin.
>#       To use it, modify the argv passed to QApplication to include
>#       ['-platform', 'minimal'].
>        self.app = QApplication(sys.argv)
>        QWebEnginePage.__init__(self)
>        self.html = ''
>        self.loadFinished.connect(self._on_load_finished)
>        self.load(QUrl(url))
>        self.app.exec_()
>    def _on_load_finished(self):
>        self.html = self.toHtml(self.Callable)
>        print('Load finished')
>    def Callable(self, html_str):
>        self.html = html_str
>        self.app.quit()
>def main():
>    page = Page('https://pythonprogramming.net/parsememcparseface/')
>    soup = bs.BeautifulSoup(page.html, 'html.parser')
>    js_test = soup.find('p', class_='jstest')
>    print(js_test.text)    #fixed
>    # output should be "Look at you shinin!"
>if __name__ == '__main__': main()

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