[PyQt] SIP with PyQt5 and "A More Complex C++ Example"

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Sat Mar 23 11:46:35 GMT 2019


I'm trying to make the example "A More Complex C++ Example" given in the
documentation. But I'm having trouble with the setDefault function.

Once the sources generated with the sip command, when I compile, the
compiler says:

./siphellocmodule.cpp:438:13: error: "setDefault" was not declared in this
              setDefault (* a0);

Indeed, the siphellocmodule.cpp file refers to the setDefault function but
does not include hello.h

Do you have an idea of where the problem is?

Please, note :
I am using PyQt5 5.12.1 and SIP 4.19.5.
My project consists of hello.h, hello.cpp and hello.sip files
My sip command is "sip -t WS_X11 -I /usr/share/sip/PyQt5 -c.hello.sip"
It generates the following files:


And commenting the setDefault function build the project correctly.

Thanks you.
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