[PyQt] Translation not working for QSystemTrayIcon

Hans Jörg Maurer hjm at pmeonline.net
Thu Mar 21 08:44:27 GMT 2019

Did you do the procedure with the .pro file / lupdate / pylupdate5
/ QLinguist and lrelease? I use only .tr() not .translate()

Am Donnerstag, den 21.03.2019 um 09:32 schrieb Zdenko Podobny:


I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but translation is not working
for my QSystemTrayIcon app. Here is my testing code:
import sys
from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets

class SystemTrayIcon(QtWidgets.QSystemTrayIcon):

def __init__(self, icon, parent=None):
QtWidgets.QSystemTrayIcon.__init__(self, icon, parent)
self.menu = QtWidgets.QMenu(parent)
settingsAction = self.menu.addAction(self.tr("Settings..."))
exitAction = self.menu.addAction(self.tr("Exit"))

def exit(self):

def settings(self):
print("Not implemented yet...")

app = QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv)
widget = QtWidgets.QWidget()
trayIcon = SystemTrayIcon(QtGui.QIcon('logo.ico'), widget)
qtTranslator = QtCore.QTranslator()
appTranslator = QtCore.QTranslator(app)
loaded = appTranslator.load('sk_SK.qm')
print("Translation loaded:", loaded)
if loaded: # test translating:
 _translate = appTranslator.translate
print("should NOT be 'Settings...': " +
_translate("SystemTrayIcon", "Settings..."))

Output in terminal is:
Translation loaded: True
should NOT be 'Settings...': Nastavenia…

So translation was loaded correctly and it is working... But when I
invoke context menu on systray icon - menu is in English:

How to fix it?  

I am using PyQt5 5.11.3, Python 3.6.6 64bit on Windows 10.

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