[PyQt] SIP 4.19.14 and newer breaks the macOS codesign on 10.9

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Fri Aug 30 15:18:11 BST 2019

SIP 4.19.14 and newer breaks the macOS codesign on macOS 10.9


A long time ago I hit this issue: using SIP 4.19.13 and codesigning a .app
built with PyInstaller worked just fine.
But starting with SIP 4.19.14, it does not work anymore. I tried all newer
versions until 4.19.18.

Note that this works fine on macOS 10.14, but the issue I am targetting is
macOS 10.9 (used to build packages for a maximum compatibility).

This is a simple bash script that will show the issue (file

    # Setup
    #     python3 -m venv ven37
    #     . ./ven37/bin/activate
    #     python -m pip install pyinstaller==3.5
    # Then
    #     bash sip-codesign.sh  # (this script)
    set -eu

    # TODO: replace with yous

    for ver in 3 4 5 7 8; do

        # Install SIP
        python -m pip install "pyqt5-sip==${version}"

        # Create a test script to ensure we are targetting the good version
        cat <<EOF > test.py
    from PyQt5.sip import SIP_VERSION_STR

    assert SIP_VERSION_STR == '${version}'

        # Test it
        python test.py

        # Create a bundle
        python -m PyInstaller --clean --noconfirm --noconsole test.py

        # Test it
        open dist/test.app  # Nothing displayed, but no error too (good)

        echo ">>> Signing the app"
        codesign --deep --sign "${SIGNINGID}" dist/test.app

        echo ">>> Checking app signature validity"
        codesign -dv dist/test.app
        codesign --verbose=4 --deep --strict dist/test.app
        spctl --assess -v dist/test.app

When all works fine (SIP 4.19.13), the output is:

    >>> Signing the app
    >>> Checking app signature validity
    Format=app bundle with Mach-O thin (x86_64)
    CodeDirectory v=20200 size=9700 flags=0x0(none) hashes=298+3
    Signature size=8908
    Timestamp=30 août 2019 15:59:54
    Info.plist entries=8
    Sealed Resources version=2 rules=12 files=47
    Internal requirements count=1 size=164
    dist/test.app: valid on disk
    dist/test.app: satisfies its Designated Requirement
    dist/test.app: accepted
    source=Developer ID

When it fails (SIP 4.19.14 and newer):

    >>> Signing the app
object: $HOME/dist/test.app/Contents/MacOS/PyQt5/sip.so malformed object
(unknown load command 7)
    dist/test.app: the codesign_allocate helper tool cannot be found or used
    In subcomponent: $HOME/dist/test.app/Contents/MacOS/PyQt5/sip.so

It does not seem to be a PyInstaller issue as the only change is the SIP
version (it is using the same modules, Python version, etc.).

Do you have a clue? Is it already reported?

Thanks a lot!

Mickaël Schoentgen. 
[FR] Personal blog: http://www.tiger-222.fr 
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