[PyQt] QScintilla problem take 2 - style sheets

Barry Scott barry at barrys-emacs.org
Sun Aug 25 17:29:44 BST 2019

I have changed my code to use the high level setFont() call and found that worked in some cases.
But If I set styles on QApplication then QScintilla  does no use the family from setFont, only the point size.
I use setStyleSheet() to customise the UI font use in the larger app.

The attached code shows this issue - it was tested on macOS and I think uses fonts that are always
installed on macOS to show the problem. However this issue is also present on windows builds.

This looks like a regression going from PyQT 5.12 to PyQt 5.13. Or is it a deliberate change?

I tested with 2 venv's setup like this:

echo "Info: setup PyQt 5.13 with QSci"
python3.7 -m venv create qsci-5-13
qsci-5-13/bin/pip install PyQt5 QScintilla xml-preferences

echo "Info: setup PyQt 5.12 with QSci"
python3.7 -m venv create qsci-5-12
qsci-5-12/bin/pip install PyQt5==5.12.2 QScintilla==2.11.1 xml-preferences

Then run the attached code against each venv with and without the --style option.

The follow 3 runs show identical windows contents.

	qsci-5-12/bin/python qsci_bug.py
	qsci-5-12/bin/python qsci_bug.py --style
	qsci-5-13/bin/python qsci_bug.py

But this run does not use the intended font.

	qsci-5-13/bin/python qsci_bug.py --style

Text is draw with different fonts.


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