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I'm curious, when you say you won't make it open-source, which method of
deployment & distribution you guys are picking up? Asking as your choices
in this regard are very limited in python land. If you decided to use
any of the existing freezers {bbFreeze, py2exe, pyInstaller, cx_Freeze,
py2app} your code would be very easy to unpack. The only choice I know that
could bring you enough "protection" are either nuitka(mature enough) or
beeware(not ready to use on production).

Also, there is pyqtdeploy although I don't know which packing method uses
behind the curtains... so not sure how easy would be to break/unpack.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 11:04 AM <kristof.mulier at telenet.be> wrote:

> Dear PyQt developers,
> We're a team of 3 people (Johan Cockx, Matic Kukovec and Kristof Mulier)
> working on a startup: a new IDE for microcontrollers. We're using PyQt for
> the graphical user interface and QScintilla for the editor. Our software
> will be distributed for free (although we won't make it open-source).
> We have to buy a PyQt license before launching the software. However,
> could you consider giving us a discount? Please keep in mind:
> 1. We're a startup and are currently paying everything from our own
> savings.
> 2. We've built the website https://qscintilla.com which contains very
> detailed documentation on how to use QScintilla, and we're paying monthly
> for keeping this website online on a server. It's our way to give something
> back to the community.
> Kind greetings,
> Kristof Mulier
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